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March 22, 2023

EP Carillio, CRA, Taxes, the points system, and Cuban cigars 100

EP Carillio, CRA, Taxes, the points system, and Cuban cigars 100
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This podcast is about the E.P. Carilio cigar from CRA pack, discussing the brand's background and why you should be a CRA member. Gary and Devin, the producer, talk about cigars, the new podcast format, Cuban cigars, and the Cigar Point System..


00:00John: Today, on smoking underground, we smoke an EP-Carilio out of the CRA pack and discuss the benefits of the CRA.

00:08John: We talk Cuban cigars.

00:11John: We talk cigars and more by to a point system.

00:14John: And for some reason, we discuss business taxes.

00:17John: Join us for that in a little bit more on today's smoking underground.

00:22John: Gary, hit it.

00:24Gary: What's better than having your girl for you to change your flat tire in the little

00:33Gary: of the city hood?

00:36Gary: Smoking underground.

00:39Gary: Episode 2 of the night.

00:42Devin: You got a light.

00:54Devin: Hello everybody and welcome to Smoking Underground's new format for podcasts and I'm

00:59Devin: Devon and this is Gary.

01:01Gary: Hello.

01:02Gary: I hope everyone's doing well today.

01:05Gary: I hope so.

01:07Gary: I hope they're doing well too and if they're not, well, they come all.

01:11Gary: The world's there got fixing but get better because of watching the dank show.

01:15Gary: So, it's on me.

01:16Gary: That'll tell.

01:17Gary: That's right.

01:18Gary: That happens.

01:19Gary: Getting that good mood, y'all.

01:21Gary: Right.

01:22Gary: So, there's the all the way to Friday and we're having smokes tonight.

01:27Gary: I'll top that may come all in.

01:29Gary: Devon's drinking some good.

01:31Devin: I'm drinking room tonight, Gary.

01:33Devin: The fire drum.

01:34Gary: You know, they're all in the glass.

01:37Gary: Look at that.

01:38Gary: Is that why you're making it?

01:39Gary: Is that about four fingers worth there?

01:40Devin: That's three.

01:41Devin: Gary, I introduced that John real quick.

01:44Gary: If you don't mind.

01:45Gary: John, I'll have to John.

01:46Gary: This is our producer, John, who disappeared.

01:50Gary: Oh, man.

01:52Gary: I have your looks and your money too.

01:54Gary: I guess.

01:55Gary: John's a rich man.

01:57Gary: You know, he is that.

01:58Gary: He got it going on.

02:00Devin: He does.

02:01Devin: I get this feeling that John's actually like the son of like a multi billionaire and he's

02:06Devin: just kind of slumming it with us.

02:07Devin: Yeah.

02:08Gary: To the audience in Tata.

02:09Gary: That's exactly what he is right there.

02:12Gary: You're exactly right.

02:14Gary: Well, I'm, okay, excited about the very first show we got going on here.

02:19Gary: It wasn't expect, you know, everything to go rainy today, but nevertheless, I do.

02:26Gary: I'm still excited.

02:27Gary: Yeah.

02:28Gary: We've picked a smoke something good here and I'm kind of excited about that as well.

02:33Gary: Yeah.

02:34Gary: Welcome to the new format.

02:35Gary: Y'all.

02:36Devin: It's going to be a good time.

02:38Devin: I'm open.

02:39Devin: It'll be something pretty good tonight.

02:40Devin: We're smoking something.

02:41Devin: I've actually never smoked before.

02:43Devin: It's the trick me if I'm wrong here.

02:45Devin: Corrio.

02:46Devin: Yeah, more plus.

02:47Devin: Yes, is that right?

02:49Gary: Yes, the EP career man.

02:51Gary: Now, EP career goes back ways.

02:54Gary: It goes back a long ways now.

02:55Gary: Have you ever heard of the coldestone brand,

02:58Gary: La Gloria Caballo?

03:00Gary: I've heard of La Gloria Caballo.

03:02Gary: Yeah, the Gloria Caballo.

03:03Gary: Right.

03:03Gary: Yeah.

03:04Gary: Well, that particular brand was coldestone brand of general cigars.

03:08Gary: Right.

03:09Gary: So you got La Gloria Caballo then you got Guajibas.

03:12Gary: Then you got the rest of the line that they do make.

03:15Gary: But the La Gloria Caballo was invented by EP career.

03:18Gary: And that's where he made his name off of that.

03:24Gary: And so he's Dominican guy, but knew it for a long, long time.

03:29Gary: Started off independent.

03:30Gary: What was General cigars?

03:31Gary: Nice.

03:32Gary: Gal back independent again.

03:35Gary: And EP career.

03:36Gary: I'll be right there.

03:39Gary: Yeah.

03:40Gary: Oh, you got the wrong one there, brother.

03:42Gary: I'll be right there.

03:43Gary: That's right.

03:44Gary: We talked about Jaime Garcia.

03:45Gary: Let's talk about him a month.

03:46Gary: We're glad I had him.

03:47Gary: We've got to have him cut it.

03:48Gary: Yeah.

03:49Gary: So let's get it.

03:50Devin: Let me dig it back out.

03:51Devin: It's a nice one.

03:52Devin: It's got a nice brown band on it.

03:53Devin: Got to imagine.

03:54Devin: I got a little bit of tobacco.

03:55Devin: Good.

03:56Devin: And the law school land.

03:58Devin: And I already lit my up as you could tell.

04:00Devin: It's not bad.

04:01Devin: So four of them.

04:02Devin: Yeah.

04:03Devin: It's it.

04:04Gary: So yeah.

04:05Gary: We're going to walk just a minute and puppy up here.

04:08Gary: I'm excited about it.

04:09Gary: I will let you know this.

04:11Gary: Of course.

04:13Gary: We're going to say.

04:16Gary: This is the EP career course.

04:17Gary: But I'm going to let you know.

04:19Gary: I smoked one out of the pack.

04:23Gary: Yeah.

04:24Gary: I guess it was about two weeks ago.

04:25Gary: And it was the Alec Bradley Green Label trilogy Caravo special.

04:32Gary: And let me tell you so.

04:34Gary: But he that thing was good.

04:36Gary: I mean, I'm not an Alec Bradley fan to be frank with you.

04:40Gary: Really.

04:42Gary: Yeah, even though I'm a hunter and I love hunter at the back of you.

04:45Gary: I'm a young slut.

04:47Gary: What it comes to.

04:48Gary: What it comes to.

04:49Gary: Alec Bradley in that special.

04:51Gary: That that he had there man.

04:54Gary: That was tasty.

04:55Gary: That was really good.

04:56Gary: The CRA.

04:57Gary: I can stop not.

04:58Gary: I mean, this this pack right here is the top of the line.

05:02Gary: If you will.

05:03Gary: And it's got nothing but good stuff in there.

05:06Gary: And a lot of special blin stuff.

05:08Gary: Which is also.

05:10Devin: Which is what I did.

05:12Devin: I mean, how long has this been around?

05:14Gary: Because I don't think I've ever seen it on this career has been around for a while.

05:18Gary: Yeah, he left.

05:19Gary: He basically bailed out.

05:21Gary: And basically did his own thing.

05:23Gary: But we had a lot of stuff for general in the sense of just the blending of it.

05:28Gary: Because he knew what he was doing.

05:29Gary: They showed itself in the LeGloric Abad and man.

05:32Gary: And he just breaks itself out.

05:33Gary: And it really did good.

05:35Gary: He was sort of.

05:36Gary: And this is going to sound really wrong.

05:38Gary: But I don't mean it.

05:39Gary: This respectful.

05:40Gary: I just mean it in today's time.

05:42Gary: And in recent times here, he was sort of the AJ for Nandez.

05:47Gary: I've 20 years ago.

05:49Gary: Now everybody's, you know, going, you know, new world and.

05:54Gary: And all of the AJ for Nandez type stuff.

05:58Gary: Well, back then it was E.P. Korea.

06:00Gary: It was all the Gloric Abad.

06:02Gary: Oh, you got anything else by that, you know.

06:04Gary: That type stuff there.

06:05Gary: I think that's what he's doing.

06:07Gary: He knows what the heck he's doing.

06:08Gary: He does it well.

06:09Gary: He does it good.

06:10Gary: And I will say I wish I could find a picture of him.

06:13Gary: He looks like, yeah, again, this is going to sound wrong.

06:16Gary: But I'll mean that what.

06:17Gary: But dude, if you looked at the guy, he looks like a hitman.

06:20Gary: He looks like a hit guy.

06:22Gary: You know, these, uh, that sort of.

06:24Gary: Yeah, he, yeah, he does a square man.

06:26Gary: I wish I could.

06:27Gary: I'll let me say about by the picture of it.

06:29Gary: Look, hello, just second man.

06:32Gary: Yeah, you'll, you'll check.

06:34Gary: Check this out.

06:35Gary: He's just a nice, I've met him a couple of times.

06:39Gary: Our list of Peresca Rios is named.

06:41Gary: We call him E.P.

06:42Gary: Cario.

06:43Gary: Say that times fast.

06:44Gary: They, I can't, I get tongue bruise.

06:46Gary: She, I won't you see his guys face though.

06:49Gary: I'll think that's him right there.

06:55Gary: Hold on, hold on.

06:56Gary: I'm, I'm trying to find a good picture of him.

06:58Gary: And you're good.

06:59Devin: I'm, uh, this rumb man that's past two weeks.

07:01Devin: I have just really been enjoying this spiced rumb.

07:04Devin: Kirkwin signature spiced rumb.

07:07Devin: Yeah, I don't know what it is.

07:08Devin: It's just smooth.

07:09Devin: It's nice.

07:10Devin: It's got enough of a bike to it.

07:12Devin: I mean, it's not really challenging, so to speak.

07:14Devin: But it's, uh, it's a good live.

07:16Gary: I'm going to say, bite hit that.

07:18Gary: What's it, butter?

07:19Gary: There you go.

07:20Gary: I feel like I've seen that guy before.

07:22Gary: Oh, you probably have.

07:24Gary: But I mean, he looks like he would just tear your head off

07:27Gary: and just shoot you.

07:28Devin: Yeah.

07:29Devin: Now, uh, to me, I know of his money from gold bars.

07:31Devin: He stole from people when he was killing people.

07:33Devin: Right.

07:34Gary: Right.

07:35Gary: Right.

07:36Gary: You know, but God, world's the world's nicest guy.

07:39Gary: Just a great dude.

07:41Gary: Uh, a scene at the cigar shelves several times.

07:44Gary: And, um, and we'd always talk whatever else on my way to, uh,

07:48Gary: uh, elbow evasion, of course.

07:50Gary: And, uh, he never would play the piano, but never lived.

07:53Gary: With the elbow evasion.

07:55Gary: Uh, elbow evasion.

07:57Gary: Uh, elbow evasion.

07:58Gary: You further the elbow cigar, right.

08:00Gary: Yeah.

08:01Gary: Huh?


08:02Gary: Oh, um, okay.

08:03Gary: Got you.

08:04Gary: Yeah.

08:05Gary: Oh, there you go, John.

08:06John: That's a good picture of it.

08:08John: Good job.

08:09John: John, you still there?

08:10John: Oh, he's there.

08:12John: Oh, he's there.

08:13John: No, I'm here.

08:14John: I'm just being very quiet.

08:16John: Yeah.

08:17John: Did you smoke anything to play John?

08:19John: You enjoy any, uh, cigar?

08:21John: Uh, actually, I did take a slight opportunity to have a Leo

08:25John: Leave it to me that we discussed having tonight.

08:28John: The, the, the career Leo is only available in that.

08:31John: I'm sampled back from the CRA through the cigar's and more by toll in that work.

08:38John: So I had that.

08:40John: I'm supposed to be doing some work for Harris, but like Harris, he only sent me 50% of the job.

08:45John: And you need the other 50% to do it.

08:47Devin: No, no, no, no, no.

08:49Devin: Do you like that?

08:50Devin: There's not a pattern.

08:51Devin: Oh, that was a wrong.

08:53John: Oh, there's his Harris as the, as the guy, you know.

08:59John: Well, I need to learn that when he sends me this stuff to check it to make sure he sends because

09:05John: This is probably eighth.

09:07John: I don't like this.

09:08Devin: And I'm going to work on auto spreadsheet and probably the sixth time he did it send the other half of the job.

09:15Devin: Like, I'll know he's like, uh, one of the owners owed cigars and more.

09:21Devin: But I can't imagine his day is filled constantly with a bunch of other stuff.

09:27Devin: And he can't stop to complete the thing that he said he's going to give.

09:31John: I just can't imagine there's not an extra five minutes.

09:34John: This one comes down to money, too.

09:36John: Oh, oh, that touched.

09:39John: Well, there you go.

09:41John: Oh, they still failed in it.

09:44John: They're not giving me money.

09:46John: He'll make it money.

09:47Devin: Oh, well, that doesn't make it.

09:50Devin: That doesn't make it.

09:51Gary: That'll let's, well, that we're going to call it age lot.

09:54Gary: That's the reason why John's quiet.

09:56Gary: There's money involved.

09:58Gary: Oh, boy.

10:00Gary: They didn't know.

10:01Gary: The old screw would go there.

10:02Gary: And that's how I met me and came that common in my bank account.

10:06Gary: Hmm.

10:07Gary: Are your jokes talking about my wealth?

10:09Gary: Yes, sir.

10:10Gary: I'm a bit more bad.

10:12Gary: One comic club.

10:13Gary: A boy got a couple of, well, I've never heard that.

10:18Gary: I love that.

10:19Gary: I do too.

10:20Gary: I'll be there for a bit.

10:21John: I just told you.

10:22John: There's a show.

10:24John: I'm here at AM talking TV again.

10:26John: It's about these coders.

10:29John: And one of these guys.

10:31John: He made a bunch of money and software.

10:33John: But then he kept trying to sell these other ideas and he came across this other guy.

10:37John: He made a really big.

10:38John: And he was the member of three comic.

10:40John: Not a member of the two comic.

10:42John: Three comic.

10:43John: A four.

10:44John: You know what happened?

10:45John: He ended up losing some money.

10:46John: He came to remember it's two comic comic club.

10:48John: And that's no good.

10:49John: You can't be a member of the two comic club.

10:50Devin: You gotta be a member of three comic.

10:52Devin: And they take your jacket away.

10:53Devin: Two comic.

10:54Devin: Oh yeah.

10:55Gary: They take your jacket.

10:56Gary: Yeah.

10:57Gary: Yeah.

10:58Gary: Yeah.

10:59Devin: What would do they?

11:01Devin: Gary, I wanted to ask you about this cigar.

11:03Devin: I'm getting like a, it's not necessarily a spice.

11:06Devin: It's more, you're like an undertone.

11:08Devin: Like not maduro depth.

11:10Devin: But it's kind of got a depth to it.

11:12Devin: Like a deepness.

11:13Devin: I was wondering what you think that is.

11:16Gary: I mean, it's probably the way the way he blends his stuff.

11:21Gary: He's got a dimensional his stuff.

11:23Gary: I mean, he does.

11:24Gary: That's what makes him so good.

11:26Gary: That's what makes him so such an artesian.

11:30Gary: And what he does.

11:31Gary: He's very thorough.

11:34Gary: And he's one of the best blenders in the world.

11:37Gary: And so between the, you know, between the sungirl,

11:40Gary: rappro, on the outside.

11:41Gary: Of course, the Dominican on the inside.

11:43Gary: Yeah, you could trust that you'll probably get a lot of depth out of this.

11:48Gary: Not only that.

11:49Gary: But this particular cigar here come out of CRA pack.

11:52Gary: So chances are probably it doesn't say it.

11:55Gary: But it's probably a, it's probably especially in the some kind.

12:00Gary: Oh, no, that's just the, that's the way he is.

12:03Gary: He's very, very meticulous about what he does.

12:07Gary: I'm very pleased with his stuff.

12:09Gary: I love all the big fee career stuff.

12:12Gary: Oh, gosh, I'm trying to think it slipped my mind.

12:15Gary: The one that literally did.

12:17Gary: Made them once a guard of the year.

12:19Gary: Gosh, comes in a purple or blue box or blue background white box man.

12:25Gary: Good, good looking stick man.

12:27Gary: I had it.

12:29Gary: Had it truckered.

12:30Gary: Plus sincere.

12:31Gary: No, no, no, this was the E.P. Korea.

12:33Gary: Yeah.

12:34Gary: Yeah, the E.P. Korea was a,

12:36Gary: a number one cigar of the year.

12:38Gary: Some years ago.

12:39Gary: Take it or box house dog, less than 10 count box.

12:42Gary: And that's it.

12:43Gary: And some blue velvet background that it come with.

12:46Gary: Why box, I can't remember.

12:48Devin: It'll come through here in a minute.

12:50Devin: But I mean, that's how good this stuff is.

12:53Devin: Yeah, I'm smoking it thinking like, I want to get a hold of more like this because.

13:01Devin: As you all who've been listening to the show long enough, know that I've kind of gone from like straight

13:08Devin: Maduro dark to normal average.

13:12Devin: That's not right.

13:13Devin: But it's a normal lighter tone.

13:15Devin: Right midtown.

13:16Devin: Yeah.

13:17Devin: You know, sun ground kind of stuff.

13:19Devin: And this feels like it's got that Maduro have to.

13:24Devin: But it's also got that nice sun grown texture.

13:27Devin: Does that make sense?

13:28Devin: It does.

13:29Devin: Those of the.

13:30Gary: Yeah, I say by strong.

13:32Gary: It's lead the binder.

13:33Gary: It's probably coming into the play there.

13:35Gary: You know, he's probably a thick binder.

13:38Gary: Oh, this thing is really tasty.

13:41Gary: And that's probably where you get in that problem right there.

13:44Gary: We'll just so go wrap and give you a little bit of spice, which I don't tell you to

13:47Gary: hardly any at all.

13:49Devin: I really don't.

13:51Devin: Yeah, it's it's nothing.

13:52Devin: It's not like spice like what you're used to.

13:54Devin: It's more like a.

13:56Devin: It's just going to sound weird.

13:58Devin: I'm trying to describe it in the auto turns to kind of describe it in a

14:02Devin: Hest to it.

14:03Devin: It's going to wait to it.

14:04Devin: Yeah, to taste that really brings it out because it's a bolder.

14:09Devin: Taste to it that's not plain because I've seen dark cigar that will have this dark

14:15Devin: flavor to it.

14:16Devin: It's just right.

14:17Devin: It's just really poor.

14:18Devin: Yeah, and it's taste like a sun grown cigar with the nice heft of a like a triple

14:27Devin: Maduro to it without being, you know, sticky without being oily.

14:32Devin: It's right there down center.

14:34Gary: You know, yeah, I do.

14:37Gary: So there's I'm a big the Dominican nut.

14:39Gary: I love the Americans by you.

14:41Gary: You.

14:42Gary: Yeah, right.

14:43Gary: Thirdly, enjoy that stuff, man.

14:45Gary: When it comes to the good thick Dominican tobacco, like AJ Fernandez, like the

14:50Gary: Foothake family and these guys can blend this stuff to taste just about any which way they

14:56Gary: want to taste.

14:57Gary: I got a big kick out of AJ Fernandez because his stuff is Nick Robwin.

15:02Gary: But I've tasted some of his stuff that tastes like the Dominican and the and the the

15:06Gary: golf guy.

15:07Gary: I'm like, what the heck is that?

15:09Gary: Is that the back?

15:10Gary: And it's not his Nick Robwin.

15:11Gary: It's because of the what I call the chef.

15:14Gary: Think what Ralph actually said something like this is not all about the ingredients.

15:19Gary: It's about the chef.

15:21Gary: This bleeding the ingredients.

15:23Gary: You know, that's that's making it.

15:25Gary: And these guys are nothing but our T's.

15:28Gary: And what it comes to stuff like that, especially the old ones like this.

15:32Gary: Man, these guys are something.

15:34Gary: Carlito Sr. man.

15:35Gary: I mean, got arrested so man.

15:38Gary: I was going to be one fellas going to be missed in the cigar industry because Carlito,

15:42Gary: of course, took it over.

15:44Gary: Predomo 2 Nick Predomo Sr.

15:46Gary: How's your money?

15:47Gary: He's dad, you know, which started business so long time ago.

15:53Gary: Even Nick Predomo today will let you know.

15:55Gary: He says, it's not all about me.

15:57Gary: He's my dad started everything.

15:59Gary: What it comes to that particular.

16:01Gary: John, back then, and grew that particular brand that will

16:05Gary: up to what it is today, but man to have an artisian, the way it is.

16:11Gary: Like a EP career and the rest of those guys that's older.

16:16Gary: Man, I'll tell you those guys got to hang around for a little walk.

16:19Gary: What's they do?

16:21Gary: They do.

16:22Gary: They smoke five cigars a day and man.

16:24Gary: They ain't go to that till about a hundred.

16:25Gary: You know, 96.

16:27Devin: Yeah.

16:29Devin: It makes me think of Scotch blending and whiskey blending and whatnot.

16:33Devin: Because there's a great company called Compass Box that's located like Tennessee,

16:38Devin: Chattamunga, Hario, something like that.

16:40Devin: And they do their specialty is bled.

16:43Devin: And I've got, I think, I think I've got to,

16:46Devin: where at least, I've got one of their bottles.

16:48Devin: My buddy, Josh, he's got like four or five of their bottles.

16:51Devin: Good Lord.

16:52Devin: You know, and I can tell you, man, a good blender is that's a master.

16:57Devin: It's not just throw in stuff together.

17:00Devin: And it works, it works similarly.

17:02Devin: It does the Garfield.

17:03Devin: Like a hundred percent.

17:04Devin: It's something worth your weight and go to be able to not just have a plane to back go or one

17:10Devin: Least to back go.

17:11Devin: It's being able to combine things to create a formula that is successful.

17:17Devin: I mean, we talk all the time about the aspect of being able to,

17:24Devin: the aspects of like always a Cuban.

17:27Devin: And you all three of us share it's like, yeah, they don't make those anymore.

17:32Devin: And the technologies progressed and the progress is progressed so far past that.

17:37Devin: That now you've got things that are better than Cubans.

17:40Devin: You know, and it's hard to make people understand that concept.

17:44Gary: Because the marketing, honestly, on Cubans, is really absolutely.

17:49Gary: You know, we talked about that hitting on just that point right there.

17:56Gary: And I'll expand the, I'll expand all those stuff here this a minute.

18:00Gary: But hitting on that point, this part of the reason why I don't want to see Cubans legalized.

18:06Gary: When you have a particular standard that you try to live up to, it's almost impossible to take that standard in knock it down.

18:15Gary: That one thing I just, I can't stand.

18:18Gary: So have that decadence to have that mystique to have that wall and what's behind that wall of saying, hey, this is better over here.

18:28Gary: This is better over here than anything else over here.

18:31Gary: Because in my opinion, and only me, if you were to legalize Cubans, there would be one big huge cigar boom for about three years.

18:45Gary: Maybe five. After that, it's fair game.

18:51Gary: Everything else is, you know, going to be coming.

18:55Gary: And then words you stand, and it's after that. We're all, you know, they're not going to be there.

19:00Gary: And that's just my opinion.

19:02Gary: You know, I think, I think I asked John this, you know, as we were talking about a while back, you know, what would happen to Ferrari got bought up by Chevrolet.

19:11Gary: You know, it wouldn't be a Ferrari anymore. It wouldn't be elite.

19:16Gary: You know, it would be, you know, well, it's now produced on a simply line and now it's imbulated. And here we go.

19:24Gary: Right. I look at Cubans the same way. I just don't, I don't know Cubans to be legalized. I like that mystique.

19:30Gary: I like that standard, the standard is still there. Cuban, whatever, Cuban leaf Cuban seed from Pinardo Rio.

19:39Gary: Or the Corrojo in the Grillo, all of that particular, you know, blending mystique and marketing out there that's Cuban.

19:49Gary: I mean, all of that in there, and not to mention the heritage is is second to none.

19:55Devin: I mean, you have Cuban coffee, you've been saying which is Cuban coffee.

20:00Devin: Yeah, I know. I'm John, I'm a coffee kind of sore, but I had that before.

20:06Devin: That will put hair on your chest, but I'm telling you, yeah, just the whole flavor. Right.

20:12Gary: Oh, goodness. Oh, my goodness. And yeah, the cannibal guys, which we smoked a gosh, I'm writing.

20:20Gary: I guess it's right about six months ago. The cannibal that we had, the cannibal guys actually, we wanted our first shows in trustful.

20:28Gary: And they lived with brought Cuban coffee with them, you know, and they said, would you like some coffee? And I was like a bubble head doll.

20:36Gary: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, Lord, mercy.

20:41Devin: Man, who you talking about like this thing?

20:44Devin: I'm going to ask this thing. I'm past the thumbs, not go on it.

20:48Devin: Is anybody told you you had a big ash.

20:52Devin: Oh, well, the glass he's got and you've got to ask it because it's hard to keep that that stack of dines right there on that stick and slide it into the glass isn't it?

21:02Devin: Yep, right. You, you're joking.

21:06Devin: I'm talking about being at R is not all that right.

21:09Devin: So you want to hear a story that happened today, Gary John?

21:12Devin: Are you kidding? Oh, I'm a bit of a little.

21:15Devin: I'm sorry, I didn't hear John. Was that said now? What?

21:18Devin: What? What?

21:21Devin: So no joke. I'm sitting there. I'm at work today.

21:25Devin: I'm sitting there talking to the customer care representative.

21:28Devin: I'm just sitting there all of us talking to about this that and the other and the owner of the company.

21:33Devin: He he walks by and I'm guessing he was looking for me because he looked through the window and saw me.

21:39Devin: And he's not a guy of a lot of work.

21:41Devin: He's very few words. He doesn't talk that much.

21:44Devin: Very much an introvert and he walks in because he just got back from vacation with his wife somewhere.

21:50Devin: I don't remember where he went. He walked over.

21:52Devin: He hands me this co-heba.

21:55Devin: Maduro, it's this big and his son who you guys all know and I'm like, thanks man.

22:02Devin: And then, you know, time passes that go back to my, or go back to my production department.

22:07Devin: And I sit down and his son who you all know, he walks, he walks in and then he puts this giant $120 co-heba

22:15Devin: and a woman of thing all the thing of bam.

22:18Devin: Look at my dad got me and then I pull up the small one.

22:21Devin: I think he was spread the love because he knows where the cigar guys in the office said,

22:26Devin: I mean, it was pretty cool. I mean, I didn't expect him to buy me one like that, but the little small one was a nice gestures.

22:31Devin: I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

22:32Gary: It's only as I've never really gotten much in the co-heba.

22:36Gary: You know, it's funny you should say that. I have it either.

22:39Gary: It's the most probably the well known, you know, Cuban brand out there.

22:44Gary: You know, it's everybody wants a co-heba whenever they go to Cuba or if they go to Cuba or somebody bring it back to the garden,

22:51Gary: bring it back to Goi, or if you get given a co-heba, it's like, oh, this is awesome.

22:57Gary: Co-heba, of course, the reason for the co-heba name is that's what Castro smoked. That's what he smoked.

23:03Gary: So co-heba was made big along that line.

23:07Gary: Everybody's got to have a co-heba, which is cool, but I'm a ball of RFA and I love ball of R's.

23:12Devin: We got we got to separate Castro from Crayiva.

23:15Devin: Yeah, right.

23:18Devin: And I want to say cheers to I want to say cheers to John for set all this up and getting us over to the podcast format.

23:26Devin: I want to show you the electrical job.

23:29Devin: That is a good. You just want to end points for that.

23:32John: God, I am always missed. He goes over freaking beyond.

23:36John: They have now.

23:37John: I was going to comment on your Cuban.

23:40John: Yeah, or say, should they are thirdly?

23:42John: I believe in this to go to authority within the last month,

23:45John: and I had a segment on what if we brought if Cuban cigars for legalized.

23:51John: And unfortunately, I can't remember.

23:55John: Eat any of their points and lots of luck trying to Google legalized Cuban cigars, etc.

24:02John: They were totally against it also.

24:05John: That it will really destroy the Cuban economy.

24:08John: It would actually be the Cuban workers.

24:11John: There would just be a huge repercussions.

24:15John: And I can't remember if it was destroying the Cuban cigar mystique or we all know that I'm not a big Cuban fan.

24:23Devin: Well, I mean, honestly, I know I know Gary, your opinion on it like that,

24:28Devin: but at some point it's going to happen.

24:30Devin: And it's going to change the face of everything.

24:33Devin: And they're going to have some growing pains in the beginning.

24:36Devin: The Cuban.

24:38Devin: The Cuban nation, but I think if properly managed, they could corner the market.

24:44Devin: They could really be like, bam, we are still number one.

24:49Devin: They could just even if they aren't actually number one, according to our opinion.

24:53Devin: But they could still use that marketing to say, we are still number one.

24:57Devin: And this is why we're better than even down the hall.

24:59Devin: Need something like that.

25:00Devin: Like they could just really try to lean into that as hard as they can.

25:04Devin: The the the the culture behind it, everything like that.

25:07Devin: And the public, well, believe it because my biggest complaint on Cuban cigars is their Cuban.

25:16Devin: They, well, what? Okay.

25:20Devin: What a communist to get.

25:22Devin: I'm so we're jobs going right now.

25:24Devin: I'm trying to throw it on the stand, which would be not not that it's actually.

25:27John: No, they're Cuban. I guess you go to just about any other cigar.

25:33John: It's Dominican and Ecuador or it's Brazilian and Peruvian tobacco's.

25:40John: And other, I'll, I guess if you stay in the select tobacco range that Peruvian,

25:45John: they're the only people that buy Peruvian cigar parks tobacco.

25:49John: There's the lands of all these other tobacco's from around the world.

25:54John: Or if you've been sent ours, Cuban tobacco man,

25:58John: and granted maybe Chicago, Cuba tobacco's a little bit different than New York Cuba.

26:03John: I don't know any cities in Cuba, either the how man it's still on grown within this 80 square mile reach in

26:11John: number of the world.

26:13John: And there can't, there's not going to be a lot of flavor differences in that.

26:17John: It's going to be just smoking a boring tobacco.

26:22John: Right, right, they're not in it as a work.

26:24John: I don't you any popper excitement out of here.

26:27John: Never have an, I mentioned the other day and I got the review that I talked to somebody you had this box of Cuban

26:36John: Monocristos, seven grand for our box.

26:40John: And it was 25 cigars and they were robust.

26:43John: And he smoked one and it was horrible and his buddies and no, you got to smoke a little bit beyond the first half answer.

26:51John: So because that's all he smothered on.

26:53John: Just on he smoked the whole cigar.

26:55John: And he did did it again better.

26:57John: So not all Cuban cigars are good.

27:00John: Right, even today I was listening to another podcast with Jerry Seinfeld on it.

27:06John: And he was smoking a on.

27:09John: Audio they Monterey, Elicante Church of number four,

27:13John: and cigar that scarfish, unadoseless.

27:16John: And he had some complaints about it.

27:18John: It was given to them because of a contract of performance he did.

27:22John: It's all set on the podcast so I can say that.

27:24John: And so I like Jerry called me up to told me about it.

27:26John: Right.

27:27John: But, you know, when Jerry calls me, we talk cars.

27:30Devin: Yeah, you go, but you're.

27:32Devin: There's that millionaire stand.

27:34Devin: That's a kind of exactly right.

27:36Devin: That's a pretty common point.

27:38John: That's right.

27:40John: And I had a sound clip.

27:41Gary: I sound clips for the three comments.

27:43Gary: I don't know.

27:44Gary: I mean, you got.

27:46Gary: You got that.

27:48Gary: I guess that bass point that you may there being being.

27:52Gary: Cuba and everything.

27:54Gary: But there's there several people out there just won't touch Cuban because it's or don't.

27:59Gary: Only thing to look you because of communist.

28:02Gary: I don't know what it's like.

28:04John: It's a little bit like this.

28:05John: I don't know what it's like.

28:06John: But well, the politics are changing and to Mike Demons and that adventure is.

28:10Gary: Well, the, you know, they'll be here by the buy a new car's.

28:13Gary: Yeah, but here's here's the thing about Cuba.

28:16Gary: A lot of people both know.

28:18Gary: And I'm I'm a levelless with you is that Cuba's is government ran.

28:23Gary: And there is a similarity between the there government and our government.

28:28Gary: And there's a lot of a million of my opinion.

28:30Gary: Anything government ran in the sense of that and Cuba.

28:35Gary: There is not good.

28:38Gary: It's not good at all.

28:39Gary: It's just not.

28:40Gary: The many college hours out there and you can ask somebody, no, let's talk about that.

28:45Gary: And those Cubans will let you know that about one out of every three or four or

28:51Gary: got a smoke good because of the quality.

28:54Gary: The quality control there is no.

28:57Gary: And as long as it pockets, as long as it looks good, as long as that tobacco sells, that's all they want.

29:02Gary: Right.

29:03Gary: And of course, you know, we're we're number two in the economy as far as Cuban cigar.

29:08Gary: Purchasing goes, which is pretty high, especially when they're illegal beer.

29:14Devin: Yeah.

29:15Devin: It's akin to the drug trade, honestly, can yeah, you're I say, can do that.

29:18Gary: Oh, it's great.

29:19Gary: Oh, shit.

29:20Gary: You know, right here, for a good point, man, you're still looking at government saying,

29:24Gary: hey, man, forget this because they got a factory where it's wood for it.

29:28Gary: As well as down in Cuba, obviously, but the fact is, they've got to have demand, you know.

29:36Gary: And but Cuba with their government, they, they, you know, it's very nothing good comes out of that.

29:44Gary: Not a thing.

29:45Gary: And they're going to rule it until the day somebody knocks this bunch off down there.

29:51Gary: Yeah.

29:52Devin: And it takes a, you know, which democracy is nowhere inside.

29:56Devin: I hope one day in our lifetime that we see a shift, yeah, it would be.

30:03Devin: It would be because, you know, as John is, is wonderful to keep up with the legislation and all the stuff that goes on with cigars.

30:11Devin: Right. Right.

30:12Devin: That is going to be a big thing that's going to hit home, who in that finally, I've lost.

30:18Devin: You know, the great thing about the politics and everything behind it is this cigar comes in one of those packs that the funds help go support the legislation for cigars smokers.

30:30Gary: And tell us a little bit about that pack.

30:33Gary: C. R. A. Pack.

30:34Gary: The cigar rights of America.

30:36Gary: No, cigar rights of America was born around about 10 years ago.

30:40Gary: It was a bunch of proprietors that literally got together in, in was sick and tired of throwing money a lot,

30:47Gary: of you start there and that was their own money trying to substantiate some type of leverage through our Congress and Senate to try to get try to keep cigar tobacco from being taxed from the biggest heel.

31:05Gary: And they decided to, hey, listen, you know what, let's, let's create the CRA is basically funded by the, you got, was people like Nick Pradoomo, right until the four days all the time.

31:16Gary: Sarah Bogdman,

31:30Gary: the guy who was the first to go to it, that goes to fight all of this junk that goes on that all of the

31:38Gary: the government's trying to throw at us as far as cigar smoker's go and cigar proprietors

31:43Gary: go. If you got Harris who keeps his ear to the ground in a big, big way. He will always have

31:53Gary: an update and I'll be honest with you another one too who was real big at it is, oh what is

32:01Gary: a guy like that, Tuscaloosa down there, saying man I mean I knew it just like your name Eric.

32:07Gary: Mike Rick, I mean David, who's that?

32:10Gary: You talking to our, aren't our, aren't our, yeah, Reagan, Reagan, yeah, Reagan, Reagan, Reagan,

32:18Gary: well, Reagan's got a, the green and the law anyway, but Reagan that Harris basically

32:23Gary: they're, they're pretty good at odds. They, they hit heads a lot of the time, but when it comes

32:29Gary: to what it comes to, what it comes to going down to Montgomery, they'll ride together. I mean

32:34Gary: I'm not saying that literally, but I mean I'm just saying they're all bored because they know

32:38Gary: what they're dealing with. And if you let the government have a leg up or, or some type

32:44Gary: of a, of a crowbar to get money out of whatever may be, which of course John, you know,

32:51Gary: crack me up on wrong here, but I mean they're looking at the banning this stuff going

32:55Gary: over the state line now. That's going to start pension people. Now the retailer is going

33:00Gary: to lock it, but all that is is just to step in the direction to come after the retailers

33:04Gary: after that. It's, it's all a game in man I'm telling you it's how much money you want

33:10Gary: to throw away at it. Throw away. It's all who's got the biggest back. Is your word,

33:17Gary: you're, you're, you're, you're right. Yeah. So, and that's what just gets so old is because

33:24Gary: it's almost, it's almost like a yearly dues you haven't a paid in the government. Just

33:29Gary: say, Hey, listen, we're going to give you this much money. Leave us alone in the government.

33:32Devin: Just, you know, puts it in our pocket and go, okay, aren't we'll see you next year? Yeah,

33:37Devin: I went to, I went to a store with a friend of mine today. It was not a cigar shop. It was

33:43Devin: the opposite of a cigar shop. It's a job. Yeah, something like that. He was mentioned

33:50Devin: in how he was trying to put a few cigars in his shop and he purchased from this company.

33:56Devin: I don't remember what it was. He forgot and like pay taxes that equaled up to like 18 bucks

34:02Devin: and they did an on and on them for it. And he told me they tried, they find him $10,000.

34:09Devin: They took the $10,000 worth of cigars out of his, you know, human or that he made just

34:16Devin: for the shop and then he advocated down to $5,000 and he still has a paid it. And I'm like

34:22Devin: over $18 of tax that he didn't pay. He goes and it didn't have to do it. Any of the other

34:28Devin: products he sold on the list of golfers. Now, I didn't tell him at the time, obviously the

34:34Devin: stuff that we know about it, but it's out of the can to it's kind of very akin to the kind

34:39John: of stuff that John informs us about all the time. That's sad. That's sad. You think there's a link

34:44John: there, John? Nope. I think that's just I want to say poor bookkeeping. I look at it more as a,

34:55John: I look in a more as tax evasion as opposed to something to do with regulatory concerns and

35:03Devin: changing of taxes and that. You know, and I could see that. I could totally see that after meeting

35:09Devin: this guy because he goes, he even mentioned that kind of stuff. He's like, you know, maybe maybe

35:14Devin: it's an over-stinal month or I'm like, okay, I'm just going to believe you because I got that

35:19John: reason not to and I don't care. I mean, it's a common thing and depending, you know, how long

35:26John: this guy's invented business and things like that. If it's just a few year old business, it's

35:32John: really easy to fall behind on your taxes. Because when you're running a business, you pay taxes.

35:40John: Not is it. It's every, every three months on the 15th January 15th April 15th July 15th,

35:48John: in 16th. Well, real is, you know, as a business, you've got to pay and it's an estimated tax.

35:57John: And yeah, you might get some back, but it's based on previous years' receipts. Right. And that first

36:03John: year's tough if you don't have previous year's receipts. And a lot of small businesses,

36:10John: you know, I'll just pay my taxes and they'll do it on April 15th and you can get away with that if you

36:16John: know, not doing 50 grand a year, 30 grand a year. Because you just pay us slightly penalty for

36:24John: underpayment of taxes, you know, when you go to file. It's if you're getting into, you know, a six

36:31John: figure club, you know, those, those penalties catch up and the IRS starts watching. So I don't,

36:41John: I would not blame that on the tobacco taxes or anything. That's just probably learning curve as well.

36:48Gary: Right. Yeah, I was just thinking about the, I was thinking about the extremely of that to stay,

36:56Gary: you know, to stay ahead of that. I mean 15 18 bucks next thing. You know, you know, 10,

37:00Gary: $10,000, but that's the only there I was looking at. And I'm so I can sort of see the oversight,

37:07Gary: you know, on the, on the, on the guys part I can, but, you know, for the government's come in,

37:12Gary: just do and put a freaking hammer on a fly, you know, it's, it to me, it was just kind of senseless,

37:19Gary: you know, out of here with a 500 dollar fine and move all by my business, but, you know, of course,

37:24John: I'm like, sometimes it's not the guy. Sometimes it's his financial advisor or something. Again,

37:29John: I don't want to point fingers, but I look, looking at all these howling with celebrities,

37:35John: it, you know, getting a trouble for tax evasion. Well, students don't have a clue. They're paying

37:39John: people to handle their money and their people are running away with their money or not hand

37:43John: mismanaging it or living in California. Yeah. Well, there's lots of factors. So,

37:50John: I mean, I'm dwelling on it, but yeah, there's a lot of things that can happen. Heck, even a,

37:55John: then mismanagement of funds, you've saying, bolt was approached recently. Is that right?

38:00John: And he, it wasn't a tax evasion, but they were talking about, and he was talking to him.

38:06John: Somebody, I can't remember, was a reporter or something approached him and asked him how he was

38:10John: planning for his retirement. He goes, oh, that's fine. I got plenty of money. And they said,

38:15John: now, you only have $2,000. And he, you know, what, you know, all the millions he made were stolen by

38:23John: his accountants. Whoa. You know, he just thought he had all this money in the world, all this money

38:28John: in the world, and then all of a sudden, check start bouncing what, you know, what all.

38:32John: You think you signed out very made off of saying it all in your money? Yeah, I'll just say it.

38:38Devin: Invest in and raw. You shouldn't have.

38:43John: Oh, so that's where my money went. Oh, it's right. Oh, it's very, or what's that? What's that?

38:48John: New one that just went bankrupt like here. No, I was wondering. I was talking about that.

38:52John: The scriptocurrency. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The one where that some young kid you're looking at going,

38:58John: this young kid he did nothing. He was the front man for all that. Now, and see, I sit there and I look at it.

39:04John: And you have to be at any it to invest. With the 20 year old that has a multi billion dollar

39:12John: company. You know, and when he was 16, and it really happened much, yeah, he was from a wealthy family.

39:19John: When you make that much money, that fast, if that age was a zero world knowledge business

39:25John: now, a street smart. Something's going to hit the fan. Yeah. That's a little bit. No, I, you know,

39:32John: he's going to go for his in and he's going to be in trouble for it. But I really do question

39:40John: how much of he wasn't a complete, but I wonder how much of it was not being knowledgeable.

39:48John: Because the accounting practices there were horrendous. I think I read somewhere that their

39:56John: daily meal stipend was $200 per employee. Good lord. So, and while somebody checked the most

40:07John: expensive thing, you could order on door to ask to have delivered to their office was like $76.

40:13John: And it was some state dinner. Lobster. You've got to spend by two of those to hit your lunch stipend.

40:21John: So there were no financial measures in control. And nobody hired that was responsible.

40:27John: And it if somebody was hired that was responsible, and they went to him and said, hey,

40:31John: you've got a problem here. And he said, forget it, that responsible person would have

40:36John: went to another responsible person. Not just, okay, whatever you put, whatever you say, boss.

40:43Gary: Yeah, yeah, to me, that that company was just like riding the money train and joying their

40:49Gary: their time with all that kind of money and just waiting to the end. And that's basically what Rogan said.

40:55Gary: He was, you know, they he Rogan interviewed some folks that knew a little bit of insight on it.

41:01Gary: And literally that's about the way it was from the way that they taught.

41:06John: What? Yeah. It's the way a lot of those people are he just been at that a level that very,

41:12John: very few get to. And an age that very, very few don't get to it, you know, at 20 years old.

41:22John: But, you know, there's a whole television series on MSNBC called Greed.

41:27John: That talks about, you know, that's on all, every night. So it's got to be at least 360 people

41:35John: that, you know, have come in and fraud.

41:42Devin: People in the winter, if they're out, what are you talking about, Jonathan?

41:45Devin: Yeah, Ronald Lonerble, they're not, they're not trying to be the most biggest

41:51Devin: common holders as they can. They're just, everybody's just trying to make what they need,

41:56John: John, that's that's how the world looks. You never, ah, yeah, one in chocolate,

42:03John: the one comic club, right? Where the hero comic club? I'm in the Z-Roke comic club, trust me, I

42:10John: know. Now I'm in the decimal club. Guard, yeah. Right. I'm trying to get to the two comic club,

42:17John: but it's going to start with a minus sign. But I'm going to start with a minus sign.

42:22John: Might as well be the end with a minus sign. I'm going to spend a million dollars in

42:27John: cares about making, I'm just gonna, woo. I'm making Ryan, baby, I get right. The bankruptcy club,

42:34John: the double zero. There you go. God. I need to get me one and then dollar bill guns.

42:42John: You should, you should, you should. Yeah, yeah, it's been a smoke wheel around you and

42:48John: you're in your thing, right? There's all money, right? Money, move your hand. Well, that's how I

42:53John: got my green screen. I weeded out $100 bills together. There we are. All nice. I'll be over shortly,

43:02John: duh. Day. Nice, too. We're good deal. Oh, so we've got the, uh, the pack. Now, do we have a general price range

43:13John: on the, the pack nowadays that's out? Yeah, one thing to see around. You know, on the shelf is $196.

43:19John: There you go. Now, now, would you say that the cigars in that pack are like, you buy it,

43:27John: you're getting more than what that's work? No, no. I think it is a slightly discounted price.

43:35John: I don't think it's the discounted. It's the need. Right. The pack used to be $99. Yeah. And you,

43:41John: out of about a hundred and fifty dollars for the cigars. Yeah. They don't please the cigars or

43:47John: channels. Sure. I believe the prices went up. But if you were to buy all of those cigars,

43:52John: cost a shelf, you're probably buying that pack at a five to 10% discount. Yeah. Because that

43:59Devin: looks at it, mind where the money's gone. Right. You know, it's worth your time to save up. And I

44:05Devin: know, it sounds weird, but invest in that pack as opposed to buying those separately, because the

44:10Devin: cigars, then the pack are pretty decent. They're not, they're not trashed the gars. They're not the lowest

44:15Devin: of the low. I mean, like the pack that I had was it had a diamond ground for God's sake. I mean,

44:22John: well, there's some good solid cigars in there. And you're talking,

44:27John: upper teens, slow 20s for most of those cigars, right, especially after the

44:34John: prices and price increases. We're going to see this year. I don't think the same value is there,

44:41John: but you're not buying that cigar pack for the value of buying that cigar pack for the benefit of

44:46Devin: the hobby. Well, I would agree with you in that aspect. At the same time,

44:53Devin: it needs to have some kind of value to it. And if it is bought separately, but buy them together like

45:00Devin: that, it's five to 10% less. That's, that's not bad. That's not bad. And

45:07John: if I'm other those are premium cigars, then you know, the cigars and more family,

45:13John: that's not discount certain premium cigars. So that's a box discount or the 510 stick

45:19Devin: skip, you know, 10 or 5% off deal. Right. Right. Exactly. And then on top of that, if you apply the

45:26Devin: logic that we always like to have, which is whenever you buy a new stick by two,

45:31Devin: personally, I know most people can't swing this, but buy two of those packs. Then you've got

45:38Devin: two of each one of those cigars and you can enjoy it. But I know that's a big investment for a

45:42Devin: lot of people. The great thing about cigars and more is they have the point system, which is

45:48Devin: free to sign up for. And I had, I had no joke, y'all. I had a guy coming the story as they

45:53Devin: were. What's my point though? I looked at him. He was at like 4,000 and a half or something.

45:59Devin: And I was like, geez, dude, you're going to spend these like, no, I'm going to let him say about,

46:04Gary: okay, all right. Yeah, boo, boo. Yeah. That's it. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. So yeah, there's a lot of

46:11Gary: folks out there like that. I say a lot. There's not too many, but I mean, there's there's some folks

46:16Gary: out there, man. I have no idea how many total they've had. Yeah. When you when you hit them up with that

46:21Gary: right there, we used to have a guy coming in and I think it was, God, who was that? That was

46:29Gary: uh, it was, I think it was, I think it was and just get up, racking up the pool is racking them up.

46:35Gary: And next thing you know, he ended up having like 11,000. I mean, and you're going to do, you know,

46:41Gary: my pool, you got these like, well, let's start. Yeah. I said, okay, yeah, well, let's pick me and

46:47John: use something out. How about that? And that's, well, that's what happens a lot is the guys

46:51John: at rack up that house money and they don't want to deal with stupid trivial things.

46:57John: That's correct. I like that. But it's stupid trivial. I don't care about the point. It's, you

47:03John: know, this and then I'm going to get 25 bucks off. But then all of a sudden, I mean, I've called

47:08John: up a one that had 19,000 points and I pulled up one that had 24,000 points. And then it goes, well,

47:14John: what are we going to get for 24,000 points? I don't know what the whole arm's. It's still worth

47:18John: to bring you all. Well, you get a locker. You get, as you, I think if you spent, you get to earn

47:25John: 2,000 points a year or 4,000 points a year, do you get a free locker if you ask for it? If you're

47:31John: about that. And that does count against all points. Wrong. They just give it. I can't tell you if

47:39John: you ask for it because you've got to ask. Oh, yeah, you got to ask for it. Like I said, but they're not

47:44John: going to charge you any points to get it. It's one of those hidden perks that go to the people

47:50John: better, because that's sped in 4,000 dollars a year on cigars. But you tell these guys and you go,

47:56John: well, you've got 19,000 points. If you spend a thousand, you can spend a thousand at a time. We spent

48:01John: 2,000 at a time. We'll lock 100 bucks off. And okay, and there are guys that are buying a $500

48:08John: at a time. So, okay, take 100 bucks off. Take 100 bucks off. And then they just whittle them down to zero.

48:15John: But, you know, they spend 2,000 on 400. Spend 2,000 or 400. So, you know, they're losing

48:25John: 1,600 at a time. It's hard. It's hard to spend a pump. The other green. And I will have the point.

48:33John: She should probably cleat that in your will. We've had people pass. Yeah, I don't know what happened

48:39John: to us. I've looked up some of the customers that are passed. And they're still in the system with

48:44Devin: points. Oh, man. Well, I mean, a good charitable thing we vitamin. I mean, I don't think it

48:50Devin: flive with anybody. But like, you kind of use this point to buy people cigars for a memorial. Like

48:57Devin: when when Doc fast, I don't know whatever happened to you at his points. I think he used them all

49:02Devin: before any of that anyway. But it would be nice to have like miss so and so passes away. We're

49:09Devin: going to have a nice Friday night dedicated to him. And we're going to use up all his points to buy

49:16John: cigars for everybody in the shop until they're gone. Well, you have to put that in the policy

49:21John: when people sign up as a parent. It's a marriage. I'm just like a addition. Sure. Otherwise,

49:25John: if in a state lawyer did come in and say, well, where did John's 18,000 points go? And, you know,

49:35John: well, we used him for a, you know, memorial it. But he can't do that. You know, all of us

49:41John: over that big $900. Right. I wonder if Garrison's got anything in there about that because

49:47John: he really should have that should be a safe card because he's not always a bit in the book with it.

49:51John: Yeah. I'm probably shouldn't say it on the show. And I'm like not, but I deleted that he probably

49:56Devin: has no terms and conditions. Right. Well, this has been a great show. You all I appreciate

50:02Devin: is hanging around. Although if we've got any more yields to talk about now, he was absolutely

50:08Devin: not what we were supposed to talk about. No, it turned out well. It's didn't. I think we'll,

50:14Devin: we'll probably get close to end of it here. I appreciate everybody being here today. Again,

50:19Devin: John, thank you for all the hard work you do. This is a new phase. We raw another ground.

50:25Devin: Now, we've got a logo. Remember to check out smoking underground.com and do us a big favor.

50:31Devin: Check us out. Make sure to leave comments either on YouTube,

50:34Devin: send us an email. Thanks, you'd like to listen to talk about anything you want to say.

50:38Devin: When you're more than willing to take that kind of stuff without further ado, unless you guys

50:42Devin: got anything else to mention, I think we'll sign off here. I think we're going to be at it.

50:48Devin: All right, everybody. We're going to thank you for listening to smoking underground podcasts.

50:53Devin: This has been a wonderful treat and a new season, so to speak for us. And we'll see you on the next

51:00Devin: exciting adventure of smoking underground. Dale Good, y'all be safe.